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Dec 2, 2014

Translator and Moral Question

Are there any translation that shouldn't been done?

Some years back, I was offered an on-going translation project concerning religious and lifestyle. I took a quick look at the articles  and realized it had to go with supporting  men to have many wives, and many other topics that raise eye brows.

I had a little thought about whether there are clients or specific information I wouldn't want to work with. If I should go ahead
and spread the words (in different language) of what I am originally not agree with, and what are the consequences. It took me a few hours to make a decision not to take up the offer.

Professionally or personally, I do think healthy boundary is good guidelines. However, this is entirely your choice as an individual. The good news is, as freelancer, we are not obligated to follow any instructions on how or when we must or should take up on projects as it is your decision to make. So go ahead and make the best decision possible for your own benefit.


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