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Dec 17, 2014

Automatic Translation Vs Manual Translation

Translation can be defined as an act of interpretation of the meaning of a content and consequent re-production of equivalent content. The content or the text that is required to be translated is called "Source Text" and the language in which the source text is to be translated is known as "Target Text". In simple language, translation is also described as a communication written in second language having the identical meaning as written in a first language.
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Dec 4, 2014

Unpaid Test

The Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices" of the American Translators Association stipulates: "As an employer or contractor of translators and/or interpreters, ... I will not require translators or interpreters to do unpaid work for the prospect of a paid assignment." (, 2002)

I' ve done many unpaid tests in the past for various agencies and direct clients precisely because I was fairly new and desperate to get my dream career going. Most times, they yielded poor results, which in my view, is because test translation can be abused, and since everything is internet base, the abuser can easily disappear into thin air without ever admit their wrong doing. I have quite a few of my translation pieces stolen through this medium.

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Dec 2, 2014

Translator and Moral Question

Are there any translation that shouldn't been done?

Some years back, I was offered an on-going translation project concerning religious and lifestyle. I took a quick look at the articles  and realized it had to go with supporting  men to have many wives, and many other topics that raise eye brows.

I had a little thought about whether there are clients or specific information I wouldn't want to work with. If I should go ahead
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