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Nov 30, 2014

Why I Love Working Early

Early morning is the most productive time for me. As a mother of two, my life at the earliest time of day I could manage is the most peaceful. I like a little over 2 hours in the morning to myself with my coffee. When everyone else is still in bed, my head works smoothly.

What I do in the morning;

Mess is stress: I don't usually start work right away. In fact, all I do is switch on my PC and let it run its course while I make a one round walk around the house and pick up used drinking glass from coffee table, kids toy from the floor and do
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New Translator and Low Rates

Recently, a translators asked me if he should lower his rates being that he is new to the industry and long to get into the workforce for both financial reason and to gain experience as a translator. The advice I gave him, without any intentions to invade in his decision making aspect was; "No, I really don't think you should.". The reasons? Let me explain.

When I first kick started as a translator, I dealt mostly with direct clients.
My method of getting myself into translation business, was to take all jobs without much of any terms to work by from my side. The result? Not at all good. I was once got hired by a client through Elance. I was pretty new
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